• Media Release

Mining industry has been taking action to protect Indigenous heritage

The MCA acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as one of the oldest continuous cultures on earth with a living connection to their land and water.

The federal government has responded to the report issued by the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia titled: Final report into the destruction of Indigenous heritage sites at Juukan Gorge.

The tragedy at Juukan Gorge should not have happened and must never happen again.

Since the incident occurred in 2020, the Australian minerals industry has been listening, embedding lessons and taking action, working hard to re-gain the confidence and trust of Traditional Custodians and their communities.

Positive examples of these actions were noted in the inquiry report.

The minerals industry has been working individually and collectively to strengthen agreement making and heritage protection processes.

It has been taking meaningful steps to ensure culturally safe workplaces where the voices of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members and leaders are heard and acknowledged.

The industry advocates for the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage, acknowledging the deep and strong connectivity between physical places and songs, ceremonies, protocols and stories that are vital to identity and sense of place.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are core partners for the minerals industry.

Now, more than ever, the nation needs a strong mining industry that benefits all Australians. In particular, the first Australians.

The minerals industry plays an important role in Closing the Gap. Not only in direct jobs and economic development but in contributing to intergenerational outcomes, including wealth, health and education outcomes.

In the last decade, Australia’s mining industry contributed $254 billion in company taxes and royalties, supporting investment in regional and remote communities.

The sector is committed to continued positive engagement with the government and the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance partnership to support a strong and practical regime that will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage to continue to prosper.