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Australian mining takes a peek into the future

The MCA’s 30 Things: The Futurist Edition launched during Minerals Week 2022 examines in detail the minerals critical to emerging technological advances that will change the world.

This edition follows on from the very successful and much referenced MCA’s 30 Things, a guide to the minerals and metals essential for modern life launched in 2019.

Many of the emerging technologies explored in the new edition will intrigue and fascinate.

They will provide solutions to some of the world’s most complex social and environmental challenges.

Australia’s minerals industry will be at the forefront of making these possible.

From cloud robotics to space exploration, quantum computing to advanced bionics, the pace and progress of human advancement will be determined by the technologies made possible by minerals and metals.

Minerals like the silicon in next generation augmented reality (AR) electronics, neodymium in the permanent magnets that power electric vehicles (EVs) and copper and nickel in zero emissions energy systems.

Solutions like micro-hybrid robots that clean plastic from our oceans, or early warning sensors that protect against natural disasters.

Not to mention we are only one subatomic collision away from unlocking the secrets of the universe, thanks to the minerals-heavy technology powering particle accelerators.

But whatever the future holds, one thing is certain. The world will need more minerals and metals in the future, not less.

Global decarbonisation alone will drive demand for lithium, manganese, cobalt, graphite and rare earth elements for a long time to come.

Australian mining embarks on this next leg of the journey committed to being a responsible and trusted partner as it provides the minerals and metals the world needs into the future.

The Futurist edition of 30 Things will create the same level of interest as the one released in 2019 and be used as a reference point for discussion on the future use of minerals and metals.