• Media Release

MCA welcomes pledge to revitalise uranium mining in Western Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia welcomes the announcement by Western Australian Opposition Leader, Libby Mettam, that a government led by her would allow the state’s uranium miners to proceed through environmental approvals, aligning the treatment of uranium with other minerals.

This policy shift promises to lift the current unwarranted moratorium on uranium mining, which has hindered Western Australia’s economic and environmental potential.

The existing de facto ban on uranium mining lacks justification in both science and economics, stifling the development of Western Australia’s world class uranium reserves. These reserves have the capability to bolster the state’s economic status while assisting our trading partners in achieving their net-zero ambitions.

Uranium mining represents a new opportunity for Western Australia, creating more new jobs for highly skilled, well-paid workers. It would position the state as a key player in global decarbonisation efforts, supplying critical materials for clean, zero-emission energy generation.

It’s notable that uranium explorers have so far invested over $1 billion in Western Australia without realising a return on their investment due to these restrictive policies. Western Australia’s lack of progress on uranium mining lags significantly behind its neighbour, South Australia, where the Malinauskas Government’s supportive policies have facilitated production at a third uranium mine.

With Australia’s current energy challenges, the country can no longer afford this outdated prohibition. We must be looking to deploy what we have and develop what we don’t

This policy change proposed by Libby Mettam is a step in the right direction, promising to unlock the immense potential of Western Australia’s uranium resources. The MCA stands ready to support the development of a sustainable and prosperous uranium industry that benefits all Australians.