• Media Release

Legislation to reform mining works approval process

The introduction today of legislation to introduce a duties model in the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 is an opportunity to reform the current works approval process which is complex, uncertain and is creating long timeframes for mining developments.

A new general duty model for mine approvals will modernise Victoria’s mining permitting legislation and follows the introduction of the general environmental duty in the Environment Protection Act 2017.

It has the potential to create a more efficient approvals and variations process while maintaining high community and or environmental standards in Victoria.

MCA Victoria has outlined the current maze of approvals and Victoria ranks last in Australia in the most recent Fraser Institute survey of mining perceptions, particularly on timeframes for approvals.

The reforms proposed in the legislation are overdue.

MCA Victoria has been calling for reforms to the workplan system and is supportive of the legislation passing Parliament with close consultation with industry on the subsequent regulations.

As global demand for minerals increases, Victoria has the opportunity to produce more of the minerals and metals essential for the transition to low carbon economies such as lithium, copper, mineral sands and rare earth elements.

A modern, efficient approvals process is essential to Victoria adding to this growth industry and creating jobs in regional areas to supply the world with mineral resources.