• Media Release

Grants to accelerate development of critical minerals mining and manufacturing projects

The $50 million Critical Minerals Development Program grants announced today by the government will accelerate the development of critical minerals mining and manufacturing projects which will help build Australia’s value chain in the global transition to net zero.

This second tranche of grants under the Program provides funding to help progress early to mid-stage critical minerals projects towards financing and production.

When mining, processing and manufacturing work together in an integrated approach to value chains Australia’s opportunity increases, with new jobs, regional development and economic growth.

The Program recognises the diverse mineral and metal inputs and how the mined materials get processed, refined and come together as active components of batteries and solar panels as well as aerospace, medical, energy and defence technologies.

Grants support the mining, processing and refining of raw materials, including heavy rare earths, tungsten in Western Australia, and cobalt in Queensland, recognising the links between mining and manufacturing.

The government is also supporting investment in the processing, refining and manufacture of energy chemicals and metals used in energy technologies such as batteries, wind turbines, electric motors, solar panels and nuclear facilities.

The MCA looks forward to the release of the government’s new Critical Minerals Strategy.  A cohesive strategic investment strategy is critical to unlocking Australia’s remarkable potential along the energy technology value chain.

The strategy must recognise the opportunities available when mining, processing and manufacturing is integrated into planning and investment as a single value chain.