• Media Release

MCA congratulates Ian Macfarlane

The MCA congratulates Ian Macfarlane for his significant contribution to the mining industry as this week he announced he is stepping down as the CEO of the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) at the end of the year.

Ian leaves an important legacy to the mining industry, advocating strongly for the sector as the federal Resources Minister under the Howard Government and in recent years as the CEO of the QRC.

His tenure as the federal Resources Minister included the establishment of the LNG industry in Australia. This period alone helped to make Australia a key exporter of energy resources to the world.

During his 7-year tenure at the QRC, Ian helped oversee industry improvements in safety, training, inclusion and diversity, and guided the industry in Queensland through the COVID pandemic keeping mines open that significantly contributed to the nation’s economy during difficult times.

Ian has also worked hard to oppose the Queensland State Government’s decision to significantly increase coal royalty taxes that are putting Queensland jobs and future investment at risk.

He hasn’t only been a strong advocate of mining in Queensland but across Australia and I want to thank him for his support for the industry nationally.

His contribution to public life since 1998 has been tremendous, including 18 years as a federal Member of Parliament holding ministerial positions for small business, resources, industry, science and tourism.

Ian will continue with his contribution to the community with his association of a number of organisations and we wish him all the best with those endeavours.