• Media Release

Australian mining industry continues to address sexual harassment

The results of the fifth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces reflect the extensive efforts the Australian mining industry is taking to eliminate sexual harassment.

It is encouraging that the reported rates of sexual harassment in the mining industry has decreased from 40 per cent to 32 per cent and is now below the national incidence rate of 33 per cent.

The survey shows that 62 per cent of women experienced sexual harassment in the past 5 years (compared with 74 per cent in 2018 survey) and 25 per cent of men (compared with 32 per cent in 2018) in the industry.

Despite this improvement, sexual harassment is unacceptable and the industry will continue to work to eliminate this behaviour.

To implement the mining industry’s commitment to eliminating sexual harassment, the MCA developed an Industry Code, supported by a comprehensive toolkit that establishes clear expectations on companies in developing a culture of respect that empowers individuals to raise concerns in a supportive and protected way.

Reporting incidents of sexual harassment is essential to holding individuals to account.