Measured response vital in reducing Australia’s emissions without damaging economy & jobs

The 2018 Emissions Projections released today reflect a measured response to reducing Australia’s emissions.

With the latest update, the 2030 emission abatement challenge fell by 173 million tonnes compared to the 2017 Emissions Projections. 

Including carry-over of emission reductions from the first and second Kyoto commitment periods – used by successive Australian Governments since 2008, and reaffirmed at the recent Poland COP24 climate change conference – Australia’s 2030 emission abatement challenge fell by a further 367 million tonnes to 328 million tonnes. 

This clearly shows that Australia is on a path to meet its commitment to a 26-28 per cent decrease on 2005 emission levels.

Addressing climate change is not easy, particularly for a major energy and resource-intensive country like Australia which needs a diverse future energy mix which balances affordability, reliability and emissions reduction.

This is why a measured response is critical to reducing greenhouse emissions in a way which does not damage the economy, destroy jobs and hurt Australian businesses and families.



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