Australia needs stable government and decisive action for a strong economy

The Australian minerals sector encourages stable government following the Liberal Party leadership change along with a focus on the economic reforms needed to deliver growth and prosperity for Australian businesses and households.

Our industry is keen on working with the government for decisive action to ensure a strong economy.

This includes a competitive investment environment and less red tape.

Our industry, our employees and the regional communities in which we operate need lower business input costs such as electricity and close and determined co-operation between states, the Commonwealth and industry to build the workforce of the future and ensure a flexible workplace relations system.

Australia’s world-class mining and mining equipment, technology and services sectors need more engineers, tradespeople and geologists right now to meet pressing skills shortages.

We will also need many highly-skilled young people to fill the jobs of tomorrow including drone pilots, data specialists, environmental and social scientists because our mining industry is rapidly adopting new technologies, demanding a different skills mix for a future workforce.

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