Victorian mining sector supports clear, certain and predictable regulation

MCA Victoria welcomes the release of new guidelines by the Victorian government setting out the high standards the mining industry must adhere to in Victoria.

MCA members operating in Victoria are committed to responsible practice that is consistent with Enduring Value – the Australian mining framework for sustainable development.

Victoria’s mining sector supports clear, certain and predictable regulation incorporating economic, environmental and social considerations.

As part of the minerals industry’s commitment to advance sustainable development, the MCA published one of the first reports in 2018 highlighting how the industry is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The report – Sustainability in Action: Australian mining and the Sustainable Development Goals – featured case studies showing support by the Australian mining industry SDGs, including support from Mandalay Resources for Heathcote’s first Children’s Hub to improve access to childcare facilities.

MCA continues to work with the Victorian government under the Mineral Resources Strategy to ensure that a responsible and strong mining sector creates jobs and diverse regional economies.


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