Back NEG and end the energy wars or face the consequences

Australia’s world-class minerals industry urges Coalition MPs and State Governments to back the National Energy Guarantee in coming weeks as the best available solution to end the energy wars.

Australian businesses and households need the NEG to help lower electricity prices and improve reliability.

The minerals industry uses 11.5 per cent of Australia’s electricity. Together with the mining equipment, services and technology sector, we employ 1.1 million people – or one in ten Australians.

We support the NEG and locking in the 2030 emissions reduction target of 26 per cent in legislation to help deliver certainty for business and families.

Australia has an abundance of resources in every state – coal, gas, solar, wind and the minerals to support them – yet we are a nation at war over energy.

If this policy is blocked by those who put politics ahead of the national interest, then Australia will continue to have a dysfunctional energy system.

This means higher prices for everyone and declining competitiveness for Australian business, which has already lost the comparative advantage of low energy prices and now faces some of the highest energy costs in the developed world.

It’s time for the Australian Government and the States to put aside their political differences on energy and  support businesses, families, jobs and our future by backing the NEG.





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