Videos - Mining career stories

The modern mining industry is much more than big machines, hard hats and high vis.

Our workforce love their jobs and are proud of their industry.

Choosing a career can be a daunting experience made easier with access to good information and first-hand experiences. There’s so much more to Australian mining careers than many people realise!

Watch our video selection below to learn more about the challenges and excitement of a highly paid, highly skilled career in the world-leading Australian minerals sector.


Rebecca's story - Downer MEI

Rebecca Marsh is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer with Downer Mining, Energy and Industrial. She loves the variety of her job and how technology has changed the way she works. "It's not all digging and dirt!" Watch her story here.


Tegan's story - Peabody Wilpinjong Mine

Tegan moved to Mudgee with her family to start a traineeship with Peabody's Wilpinjong mine. With no prior experience, she progressed to driving trucks and dozers! Watch her story here.


Jonathan's story - Rio Tinto

Jonathan Ward is a Senior Advisor of Operational Readiness, Technology and Sustainability and Alastair is the General Manager of Mining, Automation and Analytics. Watch Jonathan and Alastair discuss how technology gives employees the opportunity to expand into new and diverse careers.

Women in mining

Mining isn't just an industry for blokes. Watch this video from NSW Mining and listen to a few of the women making big contributions to our world class mining industry in NSW.


Jacob's story - Downer MEI

Jacob Simpson is a Cognitive Engineering PMO Manager based in Sydney. Jacob uses data from drones, 3D models and virtual reality to support mine planning. "There’s never a boring day – there’s always something new to learn!" Watch Jacob's story here.


Greer's story - Downer MEI

Watch Greer Behan-Willett – Mining Engineer with Downer Mining, Energy and Industrial – talk about her work in designing, planning, scheduling and problem-solving to support mining operations. "I get to design things and they happen in real life with huge multi-million dollar machines. That’s just so exciting – it’s really fun!"