Resources for managing COVID-19

Last updated 11:33am 6 April 2020


Resources for managing COVID-19

The MCA will post information provided by member companies and government departments to assist other companies in responding to the pandemic.

Advice should be sought from official sources in addition to this information and the MCA does not accept any liability for actions taken based on this information.


Implementation of resources industry COVID-19 protocols

Australia’s resource sector is implementing strict national COVID-19 health and safety protocols in partnership with Australian governments to keep its workforce, families and communities safe and healthy and sites operating.

The MCA, state resources chambers and APPEA will continue the implementation of national COVID-19 resources industry protocols to protect the workforce and jobs by ensuring the highest levels of health and safety.

This follows the unanimous support for a co-ordinated national approach to ensuring continued operation of the resources sector as an essential industry by the nation’s resources ministers earlier this week.

The protocols also received broad support from the Commonwealth and all states and territories at a meeting of the Resources Sector National Coordination Mechanism yesterday.


New resources to support company compliance with National Protocol and essential cross-border travel

Several documents have been developed by the MCA based on material developed by SACOME to support company compliance with the National Protocol and cross-border travel by essential and critical workers.

These documents include:


Federal and state border controls

The MCA has compiled a summary of all federal and state control border control measures.

This summary includes relevant links to seek exemptions where available and will be updated regularly.


Community Engagement Checklist

The MCA, QRC and other state chambers have developed a COVID-19 Community Engagement Checklist to encourage best practice when engaging and communicating with communities

This checklist provides community engagement suggestions to support an effective COVID-19 Management Plan and is relevant for all management plan phases, including development and implementation.


Air Charter Services

A list of air charter companies with available aircraft – including Basic Aviation Risk (BAR) Standard Program (BARS) accreditation – is available here

MCA supported the establishment of BARS for the Australian mining industry in 2010 through our work with the Flight Safety Foundation


Decision-making and response formulation

Please see below a link to assist companies in making decisions regarding COVID-19


Please see below a link to assist companies in formulating a response.


Health information


Temperature screening

A guide on temperature screening has been developed by SACOME based on advice from Sitemed which conducts testing for a number of member companies.

As with other advice and guidance provided on the MCA’s website, the MCA accepts no liability for actions based on this advice. Companies should seek independent advice where available and appropriate.


For employers and employees

Please find below some material from the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Resources from the Department of Health:


Find the facts:


Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has compiled various health resources relating to Indigenous communities.


Mental health support

MATES in Mining recognises the potential impact of COVID-19 on our lives and on the mental health of workers in the mining industry.

While various training activities and site access might be limited in the coming period due to COVID-19, MATES in Mining is still very active and is here for the industry.

MATES in Mining will be working hard during this time to remain as connected as possible with the minerals workforce, mostly by phone, email and social media.

In terms of site visits (i.e. for Connector refreshers and general support visits etc.), MATES staff will be guided by companies in relation to current workplace policies and will of course adhere to all directives from the relevant health authorities.

Please find below some tip sheets and links about managing stress during this period which your workforce might find useful.



Industry-wide communication:

Connector and ASIST Worker communication:

Links to just the POSTERS for digital sharing:


Industry wide support poster:

Connector and ASIST Worker support poster:

If you or your colleagues need help, the MATES in Mining 24/7 national help line number is 1300 642 111.


Life in Mind

Life in Mind  (a government funded initiative under the Australian National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program) has created a dedicated page with links to resources which are designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of those experiencing an indirect or direct impact from COVID-19: Mental health support for COVID-19


Advice for commercial vessels

See the latest commercial vessel advice here: