Using Australian coal to power hydrogen’s future

The Federal Opposition’s National Hydrogen Strategy is a positive development for Australia’s future energy policy.

Hydrogen offers an exciting new option as part of a diverse future global energy mix.

Only last month, the COAG Energy Council endorsed the National Hydrogen Roadmap and established the Hydrogen Working Group.

Australia and other major advanced economies such as Japan are already making large investments in this energy source.

Given Australia’s significant coal resources, our country is well-placed to become a global producer of hydrogen in the future.

Converting Australian coal into hydrogen offers one of the best ways to provide a steady and reliable energy source that is not dependent on the weather.

A zero emission hydrogen solution could be delivered with advanced carbon capture and return  technologies.

Australia is already leading the way. One of the world’s largest hydrogen projects, now underway in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, has attracted $500 million in investment, including from a consortium of leading Japanese companies along with the Victorian, Australian and Japanese governments.

This major project in Victoria will use Latrobe Valley brown coal and carbon capture and return technology and has the potential to make Victoria and Australia a leading global producer of hydrogen.

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