Time to end Australian prohibition on nuclear energy

MCA welcomes Prime Minister Morrison's comments that nuclear energy must pay its way in Australia.

MCA acknowledges the Federal Government is not considering removing the current ban on nuclear power.  However, now is the time to end the discriminatory treatment of nuclear energy by repealing the ban.

Nuclear energy provides 11 per cent of the world's electricity which is low cost, zero emission and available 24/7.

That is why new nuclear power stations are being built in China, the United Arab Emirates, Finland and the United Kingdom. 

Latest generation nuclear technologies such as small modular reactors offer the potential to fully back up renewable energy sources.

Removing the ban would allow for Australians to have a serious conversation about a genuinely technology neutral approach towards the nation’s energy mix – delivering affordable, reliable and clean energy sources.

The removal of the prohibition on nuclear energy will also allow for investment proposals to be brought forward.

There is an urgent need for Australia to consider all technologies on their merits.


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