Bootu Creek Mine incident

The MCA extends its sincere sympathy to family, friends and colleagues of the miner who has been trapped at Bootu Creek Mine in the Northern Territory after the weekend’s pit wall collapse. 

MCA NT is working with member companies to provide assistance and advice to all those affected by this tragedy. The operation has to take various contingencies into account at this stage because of the ongoing risk of further slippage.

This incident will not be resolved quickly. Much planning is needed to ensure that no one else is placed in danger by the delicate and intricate operations required on site.

The number one value and commitment of the Australian minerals industry is the safety and health of the workforce, where everyone who goes to work in the industry returns home safely.

Any loss of life in Australian mining is unacceptable. This incident sends a clear message that the minerals industry needs to work harder on leadership, systems, people, culture and behaviour to become free of fatalities, injuries and industrial diseases.

The MCA is working with state counterparts, governments, unions and stakeholders to ensure that the safety of our workforce is the number one priority on all mine sites.


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