Australian mining: building a better future

Australia’s world-leading minerals industry makes a significant contribution to our economy, supports regional communities and is providing the materials to build a better future.

The Prime Minister’s strong support for Australian mining and its future shows that his government is backing regional communities and standing up against the activists who engage in attacks on the minerals industry, its thousands of workers and their fellow Australians.

Australia’s record resources exports of $273 billion in 2018-19 – 58 per cent of Australia’s total exports – enable the industry to create highly paid, highly skilled jobs that are supporting stronger regional communities. One in ten jobs in Australia is directly or indirectly related to the mining sector, with the majority of these located in regional communities. 

Over the last decade the minerals industry’s contribution of $212 billion in company tax and royalties has helped to fund police, nurses and teachers and build hospitals, schools and roads for all Australians.

Australian mining plays an essential role as the world takes action on climate change, providing the materials needed to build renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbines and batteries.

A stronger and more sustainable minerals industry will support greater economic growth and prosperity.



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