New South Wales: COVID-19

Key generic steps – the health unit responsible will consult to calibrate the actual response:

  1. If any person is suspected of being infected by COVID-19, they should be isolated, a general practitioner contacted to arrange an urgent preliminary test and the local Public Health Unit contacted. The Public Health Unit will work with management to help coordinate and facilitate the response
  2. In consultation with the local Public Health Unit, contact between the patient and others will be traced and contacts classified as close or casual. Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 should also be isolated and tested.
  3. Depending on risk assessment following contact tracing, the Public Health Unit will make recommendations on next steps
  4. Isolation and disinfection of areas within which the confirmed case of COVID-19 is required. Both detergent and disinfectant must be consistent with requirements of the Public Health Unit.

More specific information can be sourced at the following links.  The local Public Health Unit can also be contacted to help establish a site specific response plan.


Note: Personal protective equipment should be ready and available at each site to mitigate the risk of transmission where a worker is suspected of infection with COVID-19 and during the disinfection of facilities before return to work.