Mining Skills Organisation Pilot

The MCA is an industry leader in skills, education and training.

With demand for skilled workers growing across Australia, the MCA has long advocated for more flexible, higher quality and responsive training and workforce development to build the minerals workforce of the future.

This workforce will be more diverse, geographically distributed and digitally connected, with  skills and capabilities that are adaptable, transferable and relevant to the needs of the future economy.

The Australian Government’s $585.3 million Skills Package, announced in 2019, includes funding for three Skills Organisations pilots targeting the priority industries of mining, human services care and digital technologies.

The pilots will work to strengthen Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system (VET) by ensuring it remains responsive, respected and flexible – providing learners with the skills needed to succeed in modern workplaces and employers with the workers needed to grow a strong economy.

The Mining Skills Organisation Pilot (MSOP) was announced on 1 November 2019. The mining industry is at the forefront of industries undergoing large-scale skills shifts as a result of changing technologies and future global demands.

The MCA will coordinate the MSOP on behalf of employers and in conjunction with broader industry,  working with key players in the national VET governance structures to advise on and obtain agreement to changes that improve the quality and the extent of training for the sector.

The MSOP will also provide advice to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and the Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

Through MSOP, the mining industry will have the flexibility to develop and test innovative forecasting methods, training offerings and options across the skills pipeline to achieve the responsive pathways and skills acquisition required in the immediate and post COVID-19 employment landscape.

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