Frequently Asked Questions - Relevance

Why should mining matter to me, especially if I don’t live in regional Australia?

Mining matters to all Australians.

Mining provides the resources for modern life, technology and business.

Everything comes from somewhere. If it didn’t grow, it was mined.

Everything we depend on is either made from minerals or relies on minerals for its production. This includes everyday whitegoods like our fridge and washing machine, the homes we live in, the cars we drive the health care we rely on and the phones and gadgets that keep us connected.

Mining will also support our future including sustainable power, renewable energy, electric vehicles, advanced engineering, and even commercial space travel.

Australia’s mining sector also supports highly paid, highly skilled jobs, sustained national prosperity and stronger regional communities.

The Australian minerals industry is a major contributor to national income, investment, high-wage jobs, exports and government revenues in Australia.  Resource exports were worth $221 billion in 2017-18. 

Over the 10 years to 2017-18, the resources sector generated $212 billion in company tax and royalties for Australia which go back into supporting the services that Australians rely on like schools, nurses, teachers, doctors, fire fighters, police, hospitals and more.