Coal around the world

Coal is a critical building block for development, an important energy source for electricity generation and essential in the production of steel and cement and other energy intensive products vital for modern life.

Energy is essential to nearly everything we do – for jobs, security, food production and modern infrastructure, access to energy for all is vital.

This huge demand for energy can only be met with a diversified energy mix, which includes coal.

Beyond electricity, coal helps build modern cities and economies.

Coal is an essential raw material for steel production and is the key energy fuel used in the production of cement, aluminium, glass and other highly energy-intensive industrial products essential to building modern economies and urban infrastructure.

85% of the world’s cement is made by using coal, and 75% of steel produced today uses coal. Coal-fuelled power currently provides 37% of global electricity.

As nations develop, they seek secure, reliable and affordable sources of energy to strengthen and build their economies. Coal is a logical choice in many of these countries because it is widely available, safe, reliable and relatively affordable.

Around the world many communities benefit from coal mining – jobs, royalties, infrastructure and other improvements that mining brings.

One in nine people do not have access to even basic electricity, and 2.5 billion people are without clean cooking facilities.

Coal power has helped lift more than 600 million people in China out of poverty over the past 30 years. 

Each nation will choose an energy mix that best meets its needs, and for most countries, coal is readily available and has been identified as a growing fuel source which is integral to their economic growth


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People without access to modern energy services by region - 2018