About the MCA Uranium Forum

The MCA Uranium Forum was established in December 2013 following the merger of the Australian Uranium Association and the Minerals Council of Australia. Its purpose is to represent the uranium industry by articulating the national and global benefit of Australian uranium exploration, mining and export, as well as by advocating the industry's views to government and the community.

Our aims

The primary aim of the MCA Uranium Forum is to ensure the uranium industry is able to expand and thrive safely and efficiently in an environment of:

  • policy certainty and a stable investment climate
  • fit-for-purpose regulatory and compliance arrangements based on the best available scientific evidence
  • recognition as an operationally responsible industry, including in its relationships with Indigenous communities, environmental management and occupational health and safety
  • public confidence and acceptance.

The MCA Uranium Forum provides a national and international perspective on global nuclear fuel activities, which provide the overall context for Australia's uranium exploration, mining and export industry.

Our members and Chairperson

The MCA Uranium Forum has 12 full members and two associate members covering Australia’s uranium producers, major developers, explorers and service providers to the industry.

The Chair of the MCA Uranium Forum is Mr Mike Young, Managing Director and CEO of Vimy Resources Limited.
For further information about the MCA Uranium Forum, please contact Daniel Zavattiero, Executive Director – Uranium, Minerals Council of Australia