Trade and investment

Trade and investment boost economic growth, support jobs, improve living standards and forge competitive industries.

By trading with the rest of the world Australia:

  • Generates export earnings to support growth at home
  • Gives consumers lower prices and more choice
  • Forges more competitive industries and a more efficient economy
  • Gives our manufacturers access to global supply chains
  • Helps lift millions of people in developing countries out of poverty.

Australia has long been a trading nation and the mining industry is a major part of the story of Australia’s international economic success.

Mining is Australia’s single biggest export industry.

Resources exports account for more than half of the nation’s total export earnings.

Australian mining companies have relied on international investment to help develop the nation’s natural resources – this investment has allowed Australia to translate its natural endowments into better living standards for its people.

Australian mining companies are also major outward investors in their own right – using their expertise and capital to develop successful mining operations abroad as well as at home.

For these reasons, the Minerals Council of Australia supports open international markets, free trade, and cross-border investment – and advocates for the benefits of trade, investment and international economic engagement for all Australians.