Community and social development

Partnering to support community priorities

Community projects supported by Australia's minerals companies demonstrate the sector’s ongoing commitment to social inclusion and development in host communities based on community-led initiatives and long-term partnerships.

Partnering to support social inclusion and development in host communities and across society is a long-standing priority of Australia’s minerals industry and a key aspect of the industry’s broader commitment to responsible and sustainable development. 

Industry approaches to supporting sustainable development, including social and economic development, continue to evolve. The industry's focus has shifted over time from donations and sponsorships to support for community-led initiatives and long-term partnerships.  Multi-stakeholder partnerships, including with community organisations, governments and civil society, are also increasingly common.

Community investments are increasingly supported by long-term data collection and research to build a shared understanding of socioeconomic outcomes and lessons.  This can add to baseline data collected during the project environmental approach process.


Regional communities better off because of mining 

The December 2017 Productivity Commission report on transitioning regional economies confirmed that Australians are better off because of the mining industry thanks to higher average incomes, larger profits and increased tax revenues.

The Commission also found that mining regions continue to have higher incomes and much greater employment than prior to the boom – and that the benefits created by mining will continue into the future.

Its report notes that a mobile workforce including fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out spreads the benefits of mining to non-mining regions.

The Minerals Council agrees with the Commission that removing barriers to doing business, including streamlining environmental regulations, is the best way to encourage regional development.